Saturday, May 26, 2012

Shining Hearts: Shiawase no Pan

Details :
- Title :  Shining Hearts: Shiawase no Pan
- Other title : Shining Hearts: Bread of Happiness
- Genre : ActionFantasy
- Year : Apr 13, 2012- ongoing
- Format : 25 episodes (~24min.)

One day, a mysterious girl named Kaguya was washed ashore the island of Wyndaria after a great storm. She encounters Rick, a swordsman who wound up working at the island's bakery. Apparently, Kaguya is suffering from having lost her memories and emotions. In addition, the usually peaceful Wyndaria is now swarming with pirates who came seeking for the special spirit stone that is worn around Kaguya's neck. Knowing the situation, Rick and his co-workers, Nellis, Amyl, and Aerie decided to bring back peace to island and help Kaguya regain her lost memories and emotions.

Medaka Box


Details :
- Title : Medaka Box
- Other title : めだかボックス Medaka Bokkusu
- Genre : Action, School Life, Comedy
- Year : April 5, 2012 – ongoing
- Format : 12 episodes (~24min.)

At her first year in Hakoniwa Academy, Medaka Kurokami is elected Student Council President and institutes a suggestion box, dubbed the "Medaka Box" for her fellow academy students to make suggestions and requests. Together with her childhood friend Zenkichi Hitoyoshi, Medaka is determined to adress any kind of request by the students, from finding lost dogs to cleaning up club buildings and even fixing personalities. During the course of the series, Kouki Akune and Mogana Kikaijima are also recruited by Medaka to become part of the Student Council.

Queen's Blade Rebellion


- Title :  Queen's Blade Rebellion
- Other title : クイーンズブレイド リベリオン Kuīnzu Bureido Riberion
- Genre : ActionAdventureFantasy
- Year : April 3, 2012 – ongoing
- Format : 13 episodes (~24min.)

Set after the events of Queen's Blade, Gainos and the entire Continent has fallen under a tyrannical rule led by Claudette, the Thundercloud Queen and victor of the last Queen's Blade tournament. Annelotte, a brave young knight and exiled princess, leads a band of rebels called the Rebel Army to overthrow Claudette and restore peace and order to the Continent.



Details :
- Title : Sankarea
- Other title : さんかれあ
- Genre : Romantic comedy, Zombie, Drama
- Year : April 5, 2012 – ongoing
- Format : 12 episodes (~24min.)

The protagonist, Chihiro Furuya, is a male highschool student with a keen interest in zombies, collecting zombie-related videogames, film and manga, and even to the point of desiring to "kiss a zombie girl". Following the death of his pet cat, Bābu, he attempts to revive it using an old manuscript, which describes the process of creating a potion for resurrection. At this time he encounters a girl named Rea Sanka, who has run away from home. In an attempt to commit suicide, she drinks a sample of the "resurrection" potion which is created from a poisonous herb known as Hydrangea macrophylla, however this fails to kill her. Following an argument with her father, she falls from a cliff by accident and dies; however as a result of the potion, she returns as a zombie. Though she becomes undead, she chooses not to consume human flesh, and rather survives on eating the hydrangea herbs.